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Settled around 1868, Inverness is the county seat of Citrus County with a population of over 7,000. A Scotsman was inspired to name the town Inverness because Tsala Apopka Lake reminded him of the highlands and lochs of Inverness, Scotland. Many of the city’s streets have Scottish names and an exchange program at one time between the two cities inspired visits from each side of the ocean to the other.

In 1961, Elvis Presley was filmed in the area during the making of the movie, “Follow That Dream”, where the production crew used the now historic Inverness courthouse for a courthouse scene. Recently Inverness hosted the “Elvis in Florida” 3-day festival.

This same courthouse is prized for its unique design: built as a square, all four sides are exactly alike and can each be a main entrance. Back in the early 1990’s the courthouse was closed for several years during which, using grant funds, it was lovingly restored. Today it houses a Historical Museum along with the Citrus County Historical Society and is the setting for many functions, concerts, art displays and lectures.

More recently Inverness has become known as a cyclist’s delight. We are blessed with 46 miles of bike trails on the Withlacoochee Rails-To-Trails, sitting but a few blocks away from downtown Inverness. This well used and popular bike path takes riders as far north as Dunnellon and as far south as Owenboro Junction. While walking or biking you’ll spot wild turkeys, wading birds and enough other fowl to make it a bird watcher’s paradise.

Fort Cooper State Park is a popular place for fishing and swimming. Within it, Lake Holathlikaha offers views that will amaze you. There are nearly five miles of trails to hike and each spring you’ll find a Civil War reenactment. What fun!

The Citrus County Fair Grounds are also located in Inverness by the small airport and there is even a race car track at the Inverness Speedway nearby.

Mom and Pop restaurants make dining out a unique experience. And let us not forget the many clubs that are available to join. Be it bridge, garden, watercolor, model railroad, you can search out your interest and be welcomed.

Contact Karen Kirkland to help find your Inverness home, whether you want to get away from it all, or be in the middle of it all, it’s all here is Inverness.